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How to dramatically change a profession after 30 years

It is difficult to radically change the sphere of activity without significant changes in life. In most cases, a second higher education will be paid, studies will have to be combined with work, and finding a new place without experience will be much more difficult than moving along a well-trodden career path. Four Muscovites told Life around how they spent many years, many millions of rubles and many hours in conversations with relatives to get a second profession and a new life.


I am a lawyer by first education. Specialization - civil law. I graduated from high school in 2003, worked for some time in the system of arbitration courts, now - in a leasing company. 11 years ago he defended his Ph.D. in jurisprudence, wrote articles, taught civil law at universities. I was interested in this specialty. She brought and brings a certain income. But at some point I realized: everything can be changed either now or never. I began to prepare for admission to medical university. I can’t say why the tipping point came: I guess the stars just came together.

My family and loved ones said, "Go for it." Some acquaintances said, here, Eugene will indulge a little and quit medical education. From the side there were many views, not that disapproving, but not understanding. How so? Excellent career: academic degree, university teaching, practice ...

From the side there were many views, not that disapproving, but not understanding. How so? And a degree, and teaching, and career, and practice


Becoming a dentist was my childhood dream. But after school I was not able to go to medical school. For some reason, it was previously thought that it was simply impossible to go there, so at the age of 16 I lost faith and decided to go to the humanitarian direction.

Thoughts about dentistry did not let me go. I have always been kind to people who practice medicine. Back in his school years, he looked at books on medicine in the library. And when he began to prepare for entrance exams to a medical university, he bought textbooks and studied chemistry, biology, the Russian language and computer science for three months. As a result, I passed the exams and went to three medical universities. I chose the dental faculty of the First Medical University named after Sechenov, there was an evening department, and for me it was important. I started my studies on September 1, 2011.

It was difficult to combine with work, because studying at a medical university can not be compared with a liberal arts education. Each subject, as it were, clings to another: it is impossible to study histology without knowing the anatomy. It was hard to learn, but since I didn’t even have a thought to turn in the other direction, everything was possible. I tried to adjust to the schedule at the university. I must pay tribute to my leaders: they understood my dream with understanding and did everything possible to make me comfortable and study and work.

I found reasonable training prices. Education cost me about 150 thousand rubles a year. In addition, it was necessary to buy quite expensive textbooks. But you can’t get anywhere: if you want to gnaw at the granite of science - invest. In the West, this is considered absolutely normal.

I have been studying for six years, now the second year of residency has begun. I still work as a legal adviser. In addition, I work as a general practitioner in a private clinic and undergo training at the state polyclinic as an intern at the Department of Surgical Dentistry. Of course, I understand that you can’t sit on two chairs for a long time, and nobody needs this either. In the future I see myself as a dentist. But I would also like to develop in jurisprudence: doctors and patients are already contacting me with legal issues in medicine. I think this is an interesting direction. Now all the talk about the frivolity of my plans has long been in the past.

Communicating with patients is very different from advising clients on legal issues. The new profession has a completely different level of problems. Sometimes it’s emotionally difficult for me. Recently, a girl of about six came to me, she needed to remove a milk tooth. I say: "Nast, please tell me what would you ask the tooth fairy as a reward for your little tooth?" She replied that she wanted her mother to recover soon.

I would like to advise those people who find themselves in my situation (I think there are many of them) not to give up their dreams. Because if the dream is real, then you can make every effort, not to look for excuses and reasons why you can’t do it, but just do it.


I have a higher technical education, but I have tried a lot where myself. He started with a sales manager, then became a commercial director and a hired general manager. And so in several areas of business.

When I realized that my theoretical interest in aviation had outgrown some theoretical knowledge, I wanted to know in practice what it was. But the process of deciding on a new profession was a long one. To study, it was necessary to change the place of residence. Not the easiest solution.

Once the wife asked: "Why do you think it's not worth it?" I replied: "Family, daughter, I need to take care of you ..." She says: "And if we were not there?" I replied that I would definitely go. She says, "Then go." It pushed me to action.

"Why do you think it's not worth it?" I replied: "Family, daughter, I need to take care of you ..." She says: "And if we weren’t? "I replied that I would definitely go


I dreamed of becoming a pilot since childhood. But then, as it usually happens, I matured, goals and times changed, and I forgot about aviation. Later, when I began to fly often on business trips, interest arose again: how did the plane fly, how did the pilots find the route. He began to find information, read books on aerodynamics, meteorology and other disciplines. After he went to the flying club near Moscow. And after the first flight I realized that it was mine. I decided to try to enter the Krasnodar Flight School, because there were budget places. In principle, no one, and I myself, did not believe that I would go to the budget. But I succeeded.

I will not say that after family life it was easy to get used to the atmosphere of the hostel, where there are a lot of young children. He came out infrequently, about once every six months. He talked with his family on the phone and in instant messengers. Looking ahead, I will say that the family broke up, but I do not think that my decision to become a pilot is to blame.

The training lasted two years and 10 months. And for all this time I never thought about how to stop everything. I understood that I was where I should be. And now I understand that this is what I would like to do in my life.

I also had no problems with employment. I don’t see any problems in life: there are simply obstacles that need to be overcome. It is easier to get a public education, but it all depends on your knowledge. The employment process took almost eight months. Now I have been working as a pilot for a large airline for six months now. I have no desire to change my current lifestyle. On the contrary, there is a desire to learn more, absorb knowledge and fly.

Before making this important decision, I came across people who somehow pushed me towards him. For example, I found out about a guy who had dreamed all his life of becoming a train driver: he was unlearned, started driving, and a year later returned to his old job - I realized that this was not his. Better to try it than regret it later. But I know for sure: for me it is a dream come true.


My parents work as lawyers, my brother is also a lawyer. And it always seemed to me that this was a very interesting occupation, so entering the HSE Faculty of Law was my conscious decision.

I studied well, received a red diploma. At the same time, I began to have the feeling that I was out of place. But at that moment I could not formulate for myself exactly what I wanted. Therefore, I finished my studies and went to work in an international law firm. I worked there for five years. The practice was interesting, my colleagues are good. Of course, I had to work hard and sometimes it was hard. I understood that if you want to achieve something, you will have to work a lot, but I wanted the process itself to bring more pleasure.

I was going to go to the UK to get a law degree there. Everything went according to plan, I did it, my parents helped me with money, but a wise person from the outside said: “Are you going there to spend a year of your life and a lot of money to get a profession that you don’t want?” Then I decided that I would take a chance.

We are joking with a friend who came to the "British" after the medical: maybe we are now in ballet school go?

Graphic Designer

Around the same time, I learned about the British Higher School of Design and their evening preparatory courses. It was scary to change something dramatically. Therefore, I continued to work, and in parallel studied at the courses. I decided for myself: if I understand what I’m doing there, then I’ll move in this direction seriously. It was hard: both physically and creatively. At first, it seemed that some of the mechanisms responsible for creativity rusted in me. The first tasks were given with pain. But the more I did, the better it turned out. By the end of the year, I saw the results.

I decided to go to the British for the first base year, I came to work and said: "All the guys." But it is impossible to convey how difficult this decision was for me. I left when everything was fine in my legal career: practice, team, and salary.

Parents were, frankly, shocked. They did not fully understand my impulse, but still supported me. I explained that I leave stability and clarity in order to come to something better for myself. They said: go, this is your life and your choice.

In the first year, the emphasis was on developing creative skills and creating a portfolio. We tried different directions of design in order to decide where we want to go: it will be an illustration, graphic or product design. Without experience in the first year, all this came to me rather hard. But during my studies I never had the thought that I made the wrong choice.

After the basic course, I studied for three years at the baccalaureate. This education is very different from my first classic, where I had to go to lectures, read books, solve tests. There was a maximum of practice: basic things give, but if you need to realize your idea, then you need to do it yourself. The money that was intended to pay for studies in the UK, I spent on studying at the "British". It was not easy when the ruble fell, and the school raised the price greatly. At this moment, the parents supported again, without them nothing would have happened.

This September is the first in many years when I am not going to study anywhere. My friend and I, who came to the "British" after the medical joke: maybe we should go to a ballet school now? After a busy final project, I rested a bit, and now I have collected my portfolio and sent it to a design studio in the hope that someone will take me to work. I am prepared for the fact that the salary will be much lower than in a law firm. Right now I need the right working experience and a good team.


I started DJing at school, I had a passion for music. Although in early childhood he dreamed of aviation. My kids room was a small airport with its own runway and airplanes.

After the army, I wanted to realize myself in music. I started playing in clubs and a few years later entered the top 100 DJs in Russia. He traveled very often: these flights refreshed childhood dreams. I could do DJing and fly just for myself. Moreover, there is a good example - John Travolta. Since childhood, he dreamed of aviation, but then became an actor. And now he has several planes, and a runway adjoins the house. I even wrote him a letter somehow, and in response he sent a photo with his signature.

In Russia, you can also obtain a private pilot license and fly a small airplane for your pleasure, but any boy’s dream is to wear a uniform.

Even now, when I drive in a car and see a plane, I will definitely turn around to look. Some even tease me: "Look, look, the plane!"


Once I flew to Turkey, and a girl was sitting next to me. We met, talked - I found out that she works as a stewardess. Soon she became my wife. Now we have a son Daniel and a common dream: my wife pushed me to become a pilot.

At first I wanted to study in the USA or Europe. It seemed like a lot faster and easier. I already submitted documents to several schools, but at that moment there was a sharp jump in the euro, and the initial cost of training was simply fantastic. Then I entered the Krasnokutsk flying school, where I have been studying for a year. In Domodedovo, when I was preparing for admission and went for a run every morning, I saw a plane taking off. It gave me strength. I immediately imagined where I was going and what. My wife and one-year-old son and I began to live in an apartment near the school. At first, the school itself was unusual: Soviet survivals still operate there. For example, you need to go to the canteen in a formation, autoruns are prohibited, and the course has educators. Moreover, not only boys after school, but also adult men study there, there are even quite famous people.

There is one and a half year to study, and I already have several invitations from airlines. I don’t want to make any guesses, because in our country everything is changing rapidly. We still have to get a special permit, tighten English, pass an interview.

I believe that everything has worked out harmoniously in my life. And even now, when I drive in a car and see a plane, I will definitely turn around to look. Some even tease me: "Look, look, the plane!"

If a person is an adult and makes good money, then he can forget about the dream, and the changes will seem to be a change of foundations. But I get two or three messages a day from adult guys who ask how to become a pilot. If a person wants to fly, he will fly anyway.

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