Scrubs for the scalp: Why are they needed and how to choose your own

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Typically, a head scrub on a shopping list is somewhere between the navel brush and the lower mascara. Although if you ever complain to a trichologist about dandruff, dryness, greasy or hair loss, you will surely get advice to give him a chance. With what kind of head scrubs are and how to apply them, we figured out seven such products of different cost and format.

Karina Kotova

Matrix Technologist

Scrub for the scalp is especially effective for fans of styling: with frequent use of funds for volume or strong fixation, their remains are not washed out completely, and this disrupts the sebaceous glands. The scrub is also effective for those who have problems with the scalp or whose hair quickly loses its fresh look. In these cases, shampooing may not be sufficient. Scrub will help to cope with the task - to cleanse the scalp. The composition and consistency of such a scrub are designed so that the particles are easily washed out and at the same time gently cleanse the skin. The frequency of use for each is different. But in any case, the scrub is not designed for daily use and is, rather, a therapeutic care for the scalp.

Argan Husk Scrub Redken Glow Dry Gloss Scrub

Price: 1 750 rubles


Surprisingly, the manufacturer refers this scrub to the field of styling. The fact is that if you regularly dry, straighten or curl your hair, a whole ton of styling products accumulate on them. Wash it off (especially with long hair) - a whole saga. For this, a scrub with argan husk is needed. Use it before washing your hair with shampoo. Simply spread a handful along the length, massage and rinse with plenty of water. The scrub does not contain surfactants, so it does not foam itself - get ready for long water procedures. But there will be no trace of varnishes, foams and dry shampoos, and useful oils in the composition will leave a pleasant shine.

Sea buckthorn scrub for scalp Natura Siberica

Price: 450 rubles


If you are new to the treatment of scrubs, start with such a budgetary means - at the same time decide whether you need it. It also does not have foamy sulfates, so that a whole handful of this oil-vitamin cocktail will go to one crown. Get ready to massage and rinse for a long time (as you might have guessed, any scrub is tangled in the hair). Actually, all the scrub salt is in the massage. With it, you increase the flow of blood to the head, and the hair grows beautiful and healthy. At the same time get rid of dead cells, dirt and the remnants of dry shampoo.

Ollin Professional bamboo scalp peeling

price: 528 rubles


Ollin has an alternative to almost any expensive hair product, only five times cheaper. And in the case of a scrub, it’s even more convenient: its Russian brand suggests replacing it with peeling that does not contain solid particles. Ten small tubes, each with 15 milliliters, are used once a week for a course of two and a half months. Peeling Ollin does not promise a miraculous treatment for dandruff or destroying traces of styling. It was made for those who suffer from oily scalp, have to wash their hair every day and do not mind doing it less often. Due to the lack of particles, it can be used before shampoo or after. Miracles, however, do not wait. It’s just that you can wash your hair less often, hair will become more magnificent, long-awaited baby hairs will appear and dandruff may be less disturbing. Peeling Ollin resembles brushing your teeth: a good habit, but for the wow effect - to the salon.

Shampoo scrub Davines Detoxifying

price: 1 920 rubles


Davines scrub shampoo is needed on the shelf for those who complain of loose scalp. Sensitivity, peeling, irritation - if you notice any of this, you should contact him. The shampoo is designed for continuous use, so the particles are small and smooth, as in means for washing. Dry skin, he gradually resuscitates and brings to life. The hair will become indecently soft, dandruff may even be a thing of the past, and sebum will appear where it was lacking. Therefore, the tool will not work for owners of oily scalp - they will be disappointed and forced to wash daily.

Christophe Robin Sea Salt Cleansing Scrub

price: 3 128 rubles


In the description of this non-budget scrub with sea salt, a neon sign shines with a nagging word “detox”. What kind of toxins on the top of the head are unclear. But if the skin is oily or peeling (and sometimes both), this is the best way to hint to her who is in charge. The most pleasant feature of this particular scrub is the complete absence of dancing with a tambourine. From the first use, a feeling of freshness and purity appears, after a while, dandruff is returned. The mixture of salt, extracts and oils smells very nice in an expensive spa, and the process of use does not surprisingly irritate even sensitive skin. Use once or twice a week in combination with a moisturizing conditioner - and you will never regret that you spent such an amount on some kind of head scrub.

Reuzel Shampoo Scrub

Price: 1 550 rubles


The main goal of this acid-green mixture is to wash off the remnants of styling lipsticks from short hair that ordinary shampoos do not take. Reuzel copes with all means based on wax or oil (including mineral oil). In extreme cases, wash your hair twice - this is definitely enough. This shampoo does nothing more. Use it with every wash or once a week, and your undercoat will be clean and silky, no matter what you put on it.

Kérastase Chronologiste Soin Gommage Scrub

Price: 3 990 rubles


Finally, pleasant and optional, like a cherry on the cake, Kérastase scrub. It does not solve health problems, does not save from dandruff or fat. This is just a very nice tube procedure. The scrub washes away the rest of the styling products, making the hair soft and silky. Then there are already shampoos, conditioners, masks and more. The rest is a wonderful caring procedure, without which you can live, but it is more pleasant to live with it. And this is quite a worthy reason to buy it.

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