Supernatural: 15 makeup products from professional makeup artists

Life around asked make-up artists of three Moscow beauty bars and beauty salons to talk about their favorite base, tone, fixators and other effective and persistent products for natural makeup.

Elena Bollo

top make-up artist Aldo Coppola Lotte

Makeup Base By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Primer

3 650 rubles


By Terry's Hyaluronic Hydra Primer is a base that can also be used as a highlighter. Due to the reflective particles in the composition, this particular product gives a very natural glow and gives the effect of fresh and healthy skin. I recommend this base to owners of all skin types except oily.

Mac Fix Fix Plus Makeup

1 950 rubles


This spray can be applied before makeup for additional hydration, especially if there is peeling on the skin. If you apply the spray after makeup, it will serve as a fixing agent that will hold the coating throughout the day. The spray makes makeup less noticeable, which is especially important now, since the main trend of recent seasons is maximum naturalness. The product is also suitable for wet application of shadows.

Highlighter MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Soft and Gentle

2 450 rubles


This is a powdery texture product that fits perfectly into any makeup and blends with the skin.

Base under the shadow of MAC Paint Pots, Painterly

1,530 rubles


An ideal natural shade that provides maximum shade resistance from eight to 12 hours. Apply them in a thin layer. The product evens skin color and relief on the eyelid, which is important when creating makeup in the Nude style to hide vessels visible on the eyelid.

Peach Blush Dior

2 445 rubles


Blush is needed by absolutely everyone. Without them, no makeup will look, because this product completes the image, refreshes the complexion, creates a natural effect of young and healthy skin. I apply blush not only on the cheekbones, but also under the eyebrow, on the forehead on the sides and along the hairline, and blend the borders well.

Olga Chizhikova

make-up artist of beauty bar TsVETI by Yaroslav Maslennikov

Primer Tom Ford Complexion Enhancing in shade 01 pink glow

75 dollars


The primer evens out the skin and prepares it for applying tone: moisturizes, levels and does not clog pores. Perfect for those who do not like tonal remedy.

Shades Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise, color Mona Lisa

22 pounds


I usually apply these shadows with a natural fluffy brush or fingers. They are well stewed, allow you to create beautiful makeup very quickly. With their help, any girl can easily make herself smokey eyes.

Highlighter Dior Nude Air Glowing Gardens Illuminating Powder

56 dollars


Highlighter from the limited collection of Glowing Gardens, which was included in the main line of highlighters Dior (thanks for this to Peter Philips, creative director of the make-up brand). I put it on the cheekbones, eyelids and to create the "Bow of Cupid" (makeup that gives visual fullness to the lips. - Approx. ed.). Refreshes and gives the correct gloss to the skin. On tanned looks simply divine.

Tom Ford Lip Color in Twist of Fate

54 dollars


The most favorite lipstick in my cosmetic bag is a soft-coral colored dusted rose. I apply on the apples of the cheeks, upper eyelid, back of the nose, forehead. I use a natural traditional Japanese brush Hakuhodo Yachiyo Tapered.

Blush Delilah Color Blush, color Clementine 2203

26 pounds


My favorite is blush. A salmon shade gives a healthy glow to any skin, and the light silky texture of the product is well baked. I like to apply on well-moistened lips - this is how blush creates the effect of velvet.

Anya Demidova

Birdie hairdresser makeup artist and Birdie Education makeup teacher

Milk cream concentrate Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

1 590 rubles


Among my skin moisturizing products, my favorites are Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. The tool is very versatile, and this, in my opinion, is the main thing in makeup products. Natural ingredients, fatty acids and vitamins fill the skin with essential nutrients. The texture of the milk is quickly absorbed and nourishes well.

Tone Armani Luminessence CC

3 460 rubles


Armani foundation, whose weightless texture and SPF factor 35 make it ideal for urban life. It is suitable for all skin types, but for oily, I would also like to note the tone of the British brand Delilah. It is slightly denser, but adapts perfectly to the skin and has a natural matte finish.

NARS Concealer Cream

2 349 rubles


When choosing a concealer, it is very important to remember: this product should not be dense, should not dry the skin and at the same time should be pigmented, so I choose NARS. Its texture is dense and well shaded, it is consumed very economically.

Eyeko Eyebrow Gel

1 590 rubles


The British win again: my favorite Eyeko eyebrow gel. Its formula without parabens and with plant extracts gently fixes hairs and gives them a light shade that will suit everyone. I like that the light shade gives the texture to the eyebrows. The gel is very persistent, but not hard and does not crumble.

Armani Lip Maestro in shade 414 Red Blood

2 870 rubles


Versatility, as I have already said, is a very important factor in choosing cosmetics, so we will make the blush and color our lips one Armani Lip Maestro product in shade 414. The correct red shade with a cold tint is beautifully shaded into a frosty blush, and on the lips you can vary the density and saturation for a different skin color. The finish is matte, but the texture does not dry.

Cover: tomford, iledebeaute

Watch the video: Following Supernatural Makeup Artist's trishymakeup Rowena Tutorial (December 2019).

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