Dasha Paramonova, architect and curator of special projects at the Strelka Institute

On Dasha(33 years):custom made coat
Benetton sweater, COS skirt, Acne belt, Elisanero boots, vintage jewelry, old friend's backpack

Style and shops

I often order something from a tailor. I like very simple things and it’s the hardest thing to find. For example, I need some sheet with a hole for the head - I can’t find it or find it in the same Leform for 30 thousand, I have to order it. I buy fabrics on trips, I take a lot at once, then I already figure out what to make of them.

I have a very positive attitude towards second-hand clothes; in school, I had almost the entire wardrobe from there. In Izmaylovo there were many seconds, I grew up in this area. This is probably why I like the Lambada Market format: I bought something, sold something right there. I sold, for example, a leather coat that I bought in Brazil. I never put it on, I thought it was too much. But before the market, my friend posted on Facebook my photo in this coat, which collected a record number of likes. Maybe in vain I sold it, but someone is now wearing it and is happy.

I don't like this psychosis in stores on weekends,
when people in the same "Color" practically hanging on chandeliersI don’t have time on weekdays

I had one dress from the Traffic store, which I bought with the thought that I was already an adult and independent. I don’t buy anything at all in such stores: it is very expensive and there is little choice. It’s generally difficult to buy anything in Moscow, because buyers have a very specific taste, and I either can’t choose anything or I don’t have enough money. Good stores - Leform, Traffic, Mood Swings, UK Style, KM20 - are few in Moscow. For example, in the same Berlin, the entire Rosenthaler Platz area is similar stores of different price levels. Plus, there are not enough real discounts on expensive items, although everything has become better in this regard. Last year I bought myself shoes Maison Martin Margiela in Moscow with a serious discount, it was very nice. But most of the things I buy are not in Russia. I don’t like this psychosis in stores on weekends, when people in the same Tsvetnoy hang on chandeliers practically, I don’t have time on weekdays. But on trips, when you have a short vacation, you can safely wander around and choose something for yourself.

Custom Made Coat

I bought the fabric for him at some Shanghai fabric market just five minutes before it closed. Sellers claimed that it was pure cashmere. In fact, this, of course, is not so, but there really is cashmere here. My dressmaker and I went to Leform, where I tried on all the coats that I liked, took off a few more photos with examples, and the result was a coat that completely suits me.

Benetton Sweater

I bought it when I was in 11th grade. It is completely made of wool. This sweater was even written off to the country because of my age, but one day I arrived there, looked at him and decided that it should still be worn and worn. This is one of the main things in my wardrobe.

Skirt COS

I think this is the most popular brand in your section. As often happens with this brand, everyone asks me: "Where does the skirt come from?" - and I reply that this is a regular COS. But it is surprising that the whole of Moscow does not go there.

Acne Belt

It is from the Acne dress, which disappointed me because it lost sight after I put it on once. But I love the belt very much.

Elisanero Boots

I bought them in Berlin. I hardly buy shoes in Moscow: because of chemistry, it doesn’t stand even two seasons, so I don’t see any reason to spend the conventional 25 thousand rubles that it costs here.

Decoration from a vintage shop in Venice

I bought for $ 50, it was a pity the money, but the store owner did not throw a cent. It lay untouched for a year, because it seemed to me too brilliant.

Backpack, inherited from a friend

My friend is a real fetishist in the good sense of the word. I needed a backpack urgently to carry a laptop, because my shoulder hurts from the bag. I asked him for a while until I bought mine. A friend went to school with this backpack - by the way, we studied together. Now the backpack already looks quite severe, but I still like it.

About the city

I am a fan of Moscow. I have nothing against living in two or three cities, but I do not approve of this endless criticism: our lawns are not so green, and the bicycle paths are crooked. I like Moscow, I like to do what I love here. There are no such opportunities as here in Europe: everything is very consistent there and everything is predetermined. Of course, everything is different with us, for the most part because there are no half of the institutions that regulate all this. Still wild west. But there is a moment of adventurism. The rhythm of life and the absurdity of what is happening give you enthusiasm, and it's great. When you come to some European city, sometimes you think: "Lord, is it really possible to live in such a comfortable environment?" But this exists at the level of myth: you lived there a month, and after a month it seems to you that all this was a dream. Well, okay.

I love Izmailovo, where I grew up. Now I live in Zamoskvorechye - I like this region because of its neglect. In the center I love Kitay Gorod. And it’s impossible not to love Strelka: it’s an oasis. Actually, that's why I work here, so we shot here.

Three years ago nobody accented on habitat,
and now he has appeared, andit's nice

I try to spend my free time walking, for example, in Neskuchny Sad. If we talk about the cafe, I really like the institution that recently opened in Zamoskvorechye. It is called Memories. It was opened by some guys who worked with Zimin. Located in a five-story building on Tatarskaya Street, for me it is the format "in the area". It’s very simple, nice, familiar faces. The creators make it as for themselves, I want this to be more.

Recently, much less things have annoyed me in the city than before. Everything has changed literally in the last two or three years. Three years ago, no one emphasized the habitat, but now he has appeared, and it’s nice. True, it takes on some wild forms like these new pedestrian streets. From the point of view of architectural solutions, this is done very poorly. I still can’t believe that someone did this consciously, although there are a huge number of architectural forces. Small bureaus for many reasons cannot take part in government tenders. But listen, it still can’t be corrected right now. For example, I was happy when they introduced paid parking. But then prices were raised, and I can spend as much money on parking per day as I can not afford to spend per day at all. Why not make it free at least at night? Why can not pay parking in cash? This is clearly an unfinished story, but it works: you can always park, walk along the streets has become more pleasant. You can scold, but there is improvement, and so in everything that relates to the city.

Photo: Sonya Karpinskaya

Watch the video: SkateBoard (December 2019).

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