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Every week, Life around finds out what's new in Moscow and online stores, and talks about where you can now take advantage of discounts and promotions. In the new issue - ten affordable stores where you can now find a seasonal sale.

Zara Home -up to 60%


Sale at Zara Home has been going on for the second month. The maximum discount is 60%, but most of the assortment has reduced only a third. First of all, we advise you to go to the section with bedding: a cute snow-white striped kit can now be bought for 3 thousand rubles, and a pair of decorative velvet pillows - for 800 rubles. At the stand with dishes, it’s worth stopping for the sake of a pair of wine glasses for 150 rubles or a simple glass vase for 300.

H&M - up to 70%

Kashirskoe highway, 14,
8 (495) 225-80-59

The already inexpensive items in H&M can now be bought for a third of the initial cost. The largest selection in stores at Afimall, Hudson, and Vegas. A light coat or a fluffy cardigan now costs no more than a thousand, basic things like t-shirts and sweatpants - from 300 rubles, and sleepwear and underwear - from 150 rubles.

In the department with things for the H&M Home, discounts apply only to a part of the assortment, but it’s worth looking for a bedding set at half price or a box for storing jewelry for 200 rubles.

Zara - up to 70%


Always crowded Zara stores during the sales period are more reminiscent of the battlefield, so we recommend going to the brand's website to go for discounted tops and dresses. A universal pencil skirt can now be bought for a thousand rubles, a checkered poncho coat for three (the initial price is 8,990 rubles), and slip-ons or lace top for one and a half thousand. In addition, here you can find a jacquard mini skirt with a smell, cropped trousers or a simple white shirt for a third of the initial cost. Given that the basic items from the new collection are not much different from those that were on sale, this is a good chance to save.

Levi's - up to 70%

Zemlyanoy Val, 33
8 (495) 514-19-40

At Levi's, the maximum discount on the fall-winter collection is 70%. For example, a men's denim jacket can now be bought for 4 thousand (it was 6 500 rubles), and a denim shirt - for 2 thousand. The same amount will have to be paid for a white blouse or large-shirt shirt dress. Women's skinny jeans from the Revel series are available in several colors at once (the most versatile of them is dark blue). The cost of any - 3 900 rubles. And the classic model of the brand - 501th Levi's - reduced to 4 thousand rubles.

Mango - up to 70%


If you want to replenish your wardrobe with basic things without spending a large part of your salary, we recommend that you go to the nearest Mango store. It’s absolutely pointless to look for trendy and unusual things, but a pair of skinny black jeans, a striped top and a light plain sweater will cost a couple of thousand rubles. Leather and suede jackets are more expensive, 2 500 rubles, taking into account discounts, but such a good fit and laconic fit with minimal decor is difficult to find with more expensive brands, so it’s worth it to spend money. In the men's section, you can replenish the stock of chinos (more than ten colors from dusty gray to carrot-orange) and shirts.

Oysho - up to 70%

Zemlyanoy Val, 33
8 (495) 970-11-83

On the Oysho website, there are literally a few items left in the sales section, but there are several more options in Spanish-brand stores. For example, now you can still find checkered cotton pajamas (from a thousand rubles) or fluffy slippers for the home (from 500 rubles). Basic models of underwear are sold at the maximum discounts: they ask 300 rubles for a plain bra with interchangeable straps, and even less for seamless panties.

Reserved - up to 70%

Presnenskaya emb., 2
8 (495) 580-70-54

Over the past year, Reserved has several new stores in Moscow, and on the site you can now see all the new arrivals and part of past collections that are sold at discounts. A worthwhile purchase will be a denim skirt (399 rubles), flared jeans (499 rubles) or an asymmetric wide-striped sweater (299 rubles). Guys should pay attention to the sports line of the brand.

Pull & Bear -up to 70%


Not only winter parks and leopard fur coats were on sale at Pull & Bear (we advise you to beware), but also very summer flower dresses (from 500 rubles), short bustier overalls (700 rubles) and t-shirts with bright print (from 300 rubles) . If vacation in hot countries is not included in the immediate plans, you can look in the section with shoes. Faux leather ankle boots with discounts cost a little less than 2 thousand rubles. There is no guarantee that they will last as long as usual, but they will not be scared to walk along the sidewalks bombarded with reagents.

Bershka - up to 70%


Discounts at Bershka, as in all other Inditex stores, have already reached their maximum. For example, now you can buy a bright bomber jacket with watercolor stains for 599 rubles, a faux leather sheepskin coat for 2 thousand (it was 4,999 rubles), and a shortened fur coat with fluffy emerald-colored fur is a little more expensive than 2,500 rubles.

In addition, the sale turned out to be a lot of demi-season outerwear. A light plaid cocoon coat costs about 2 thousand rubles, a sand trench coat with a wide belt - less than a thousand, and a leather jacket - 1 799 rubles at an initial price of 8 thousand.

"Your" - up to 70%

St. Arbat, d. 54/2

8 (499) 252-80-21

The main domestic mass market “Tvoi” put up for sale not only the main line, in which you can find quite tolerable leggings for the gym for 200 rubles or a simple white t-shirt for a hundred, but also special collections. For fans of comics and cartoons, there are T-shirts with the heroes of Looney Tunes, Batman, Marvel and Hello Kitty (any cost is 199 rubles).

Watch the video: Sales vs Marketing! Who Wins?! Whiteboard Wednesday #2 (December 2019).

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