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We watch at home: The best films of 2016 that can be seen during the May holidays

The May holidays for many of us are becoming a time when we can catch up - for example, watch great films of the past year that never reached Russian cinemas (and this does not mean that they should not be wasted time). Life around chooses the best films made in 2016, which can be found on the Web to arrange a movie marathon for yourself on holidays without leaving your home.

Scary and Exciting: Thrillers and Detectives

"The eyes of my mother"

producer: Nicholas Pesce

A black and white thriller about a young girl living with a childhood injury - a terrible event of the past turned out to be buried for eyewitnesses, but not in her memory. A leisurely camera, quiet nightmares and an unpredictable hinterland where everything is possible, dialogues are held in Portuguese, and mythogenic life is intertwined with crime.


PRODUCER: Danny Perez

A comedy thriller about a sudden and unwanted pregnancy: the cheerful heroine Natasha Lionn in the middle of the 30th bottle of a strong and not the first evening in an embrace with hydroponics finds out that she is pregnant after a violent party the day before. The fetus is atypical: pregnancy is more like an alien invasion. Chloe Sevigny helps her to understand the situation - both of them play provincial big age tear-offs in short shorts.


PRODUCER: Robert Eggers

The film, which has been talked about all the past year and which is most often mentioned, explaining how the genre of horror is changing: the story of a girl in the American outback of the 17th century, strangled by patriarchy and located in the center of an awakening witch hunt. Low-budget horror, scary as little in modern cinema /

"Dressing room (Green room)"

PRODUCER: Jeremy Sun

Suspens about a punk band who mistakenly came to a performance in an ultra-right club lost in the woods - the concert is not going according to plan, the teenagers are locked up in the dressing room, skinheads have too many weapons and dogs to get out of here alive. Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots and Alia Shokat in the lead roles and real punk in directing and atmosphere.


PRODUCER: Sebastian Schipper

Exciting action, shot in one shot in Berlin, “Victoria” takes not only this, but also a wonderful story told by a foreign girl involved in the dirty affairs of the local mafia. Leaving the club, carefree Spaniard Victoria meets charming loafers, and a meeting on the roof quietly turns into a plan to commit a quick and inconspicuous robbery.


PRODUCER: Karin Kusama

The director of Jennifer’s Body is shooting a thriller about a man who came to dinner with his ex-wife, her new partner and mutual friends. Collected with an eye on Polansky’s films, “Invitation” is a story about the impossibility to overcome an injury and anxiety, which is always based on a painful past experience.


PRODUCER: Athena Rachel Tsangari

Six not immediately angry men spend their days on an expensive yacht off the coast of Greece and come up with a competition to determine who is the best among them: from fishing and fitness to courage and a sharp tongue. A chamber drama about claustrophobia, masculine competition and the pressure of the game on the behavior and values ​​of already formed people.

"Miss Sloane"

PRODUCER: John madden

A political drama with Jessica Chastain about the hidden world of lobbyists from the public eye and their role in decision-making in Washington. At the center of the conflict is a gun ownership law, one of the most controversial in modern America.

"In the shadow"

PRODUCER: Babak Anvari

A thriller with political overtones came to us from Iran: local directors have long rhymed fictional stories with a local context of tyranny, war and suppression. In the late 80s, during the bombing, a single mother and daughter are left alone in the apartment where a real nightmare begins: ghosts burst through the windows, cracks appear in the houses, and the neighbors are not what they seem.

"Always shine"

PRODUCER: Sophie takal

“Person” Bergman meets “Earth Queen” Alex Ross Perry: a psychological thriller about a closed dialogue between two close girlfriends, actresses, forced to compete. One is clearly on a horse, the second is much inferior to her, psychosis mixes with sexual desire, and paranoia and competition stifle both.

Meditative and poetic: The best films at the intersection of genres

"Academy of Muses"

PRODUCER: Jose Luis Guerin

Mokumementari about the humanitarian school in Barcelona, ​​where the professor surrounds himself with admiring students with the idea of ​​creating the School of Muses, inspired by the works of classical poets and artists. The dialogues on poetics and beauty, on the aesthetics and power of the female image are supported by the classic story of abuse of power, admiration and suspicions of treason. Refined leisurely philosophical and very subtle film about relationships and hierarchies.


PRODUCER: Mia Hansen-Loewe

An existential drama with Isabelle Huppert about a French woman over 50 at a crossroads. She teaches philosophy, but receives criticism from publishers, finds out about her husband’s desire to get a divorce, and plans to have a daughter, decides on caring for an elderly mother - at a time when life seems to fall apart, the heroine herself remains whole, albeit completely lonely.

"Knight of cups"

PRODUCER: Terrence Malik

The third of Terrence Malik’s “plotless” films with a crowd of Hollywood celebrities, Christian Bale is lost and confused among all the women who are passionate about: from the heroines of Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman to Frida Pinto and Imogen Poots. The story of a spoiled narcissistic actor surrounded by all the best and most expensive in Hollywood was shot by the Oscar-winning cameraman Emmanuel Lubetzky and became one of the best film incarnations of the existential crisis.

"Death of Louis the 14th"

PRODUCER: Albert Serra

An immersion movie about time, ceremonies and the sacred figure of the King of the Sun with the French film symbol Jean-Pierre Leo in the title role. A portrait of patience and fading, delayed death and many years of decline - in the film of Albert Serra there is nothing spectacular or subjectively intense, but this is just a movie in which you need to be.

"Serpent's Embrace"

PRODUCER: Ciro guerra

A meditative black and white epic about real events - about Amazon researchers who went to certain death in order to find a unique and healing flower in the heart of the incomprehensible jungle in the 20th century. Full immersion in the culture of the natives, the endangered languages ​​of Latin America and ethnographic research in the form of a tactile and deep film.


PRODUCER: Jouau pedro rodrigues

A surreal drama about a lone traveler ornithologist, found after the collapse of his kayak by two Chinese women. He lands on an uninhabited island with supernatural powers, poor mobile communications and strange oncoming ones. A mysterious film about lost in every sense and the sudden finding of oneself in fabulous circumstances.

The Incredible and the True: Documentary Films Better Not to Miss

Holy hell

PRODUCER: Francesco Simone

The story of an American sect, told through archival footage of running on the lawn and dancing around the fire and monologues freed after the cult. This is an honest and ironic view of the nightmare of submission, the hierarchy of a sect and a leader with a divine halo. In places hilarious to colic, sometimes just scary, but in any case, a must-see.

"The man behind the camera"

PRODUCER: Kirsten Johnson

Together with "Untitled" by Michael Glavogger, one of the main films of recent years about the essence of documentary work and the work of the director behind the camera. Kirsten Johnson collects a monument to the idea of ​​documentary cinema from decades of his own filming in different parts of the world and with people of different backgrounds: a humane, not a media view of the story can be seen in her film best.

"O. Jay: Made in America"

PRODUCER: Ezra Edelman

The documentary accompaniment of the American Crimes of Crime series, which made us freeze, the epic O. Jay: Made in America, is a first-hand story with documents and evidence. The canvas of a tangled network of rumors, guilt, a cult and racial contradictions in America is in the publicity of an erroneous sentence and a scandalous court, after which the country has never been the same.

Sincere and Ironic: Best Movies on Growing Up

"Little men"


A warm drama about the friendship of two teenage boys and their changing relationships under the influence of conflicting parents: the center of interests of both is the first floor of the Brooklyn house. Ira Sachs closely examines the dynamics of youthful friendship, the modern economy of New York and the hierarchy of adults and children in a modern family.

"American Cutie"

PRODUCER: Andrea Arnold

A long, but not completely prolonged story of the adventures of young Star, who escaped from her native home on a journey through unfamiliar America. She embarks on a gamble with illegal salespeople selling non-existent magazine subscriptions to poor residents. As a boss, a bitch is several years older, the first sales teacher is a fraudster and at the same time a dream guy, around are the same confused half-children as the main character herself. And a lot of freedom and drugs and very little first money.

"Savage Hunt"

PRODUCER: Thai Taichi

The New Zealand sad comedic miracle of a juvenile delinquent who fell into an excellent custody of the family, but crossed the road of the local bureaucracy. Officials will do everything to return the boy to the "safe" environment of the orphanage, and the teenager and his guardian will fight for their independence. A tender movie about affection in the landscapes of an island idyll.

"Almost seventeen"

PRODUCER: Kelly framon

Dramedy with Haley Steinfeld (remember “Iron Grip”?), Alluding to “Juneau”: a teenage girl loses her foot when the best friend, who brings self-confidence, starts dating her older brother. The problems are commonplace, the heroes have nowhere easier, but at the best moments the film reminds John Hughes and Sophia Coppola.

"Three memories of my youth"

PRODUCER: Arno Deplachen

A growing-up romance between Tajikistan and Paris: the matured hero Mathieu Amalrica recalls leaving his hometown, losing his mother and having to give up everything, difficult addiction to France and his first love Esther, thanks to which he understood the main thing about himself. A leisurely and felt film about youth in the strong traditions of French cinema.

"The Huntress with an Eagle"


Fantastic documentary about modern Mongolia and the outgoing tradition of hunting with eagles. The main character, the teenage girl Asholpan, decides to participate in the eagle hunter contest, although this occupation in her homeland is considered exclusively male. A close look at the traditional culture of an exciting neighboring country, patriarchal upbringing and the indestructible will to win.


PRODUCER: Denise Gamze Erguven

A gentle melodrama about sisterhood and the female issue in modern Turkey: every child loses freedom, turning into an adult. Five restless, violent, and loving each other sisters face the traditions of a small community when they intend to marry the elder: “Suicide Virgins” in Turkish meet all the main and favorite films about growing up.

Sing Street

producer: John carney

Retromania in the 80s and an unrivaled Irish accent: Sing Street is a movie about how to survive a new school, alienation and fright, and that nothing better than a strange band with stupid costumes was invented for this. The stereotypical story of growing up has been told many times: very often the reason for the first song is a desire to impress the very girl.

Witty and cute: Movies for the company

"Fight back"

PRODUCER: Joe Swanberg

"Casino" about suckers: Jake Johnson in the title role in the next conversational film of Svanberg about the need to play back money on cards. Little people with their little desires and tiny luck are at the center of the story of excitement and a willingness to start again at the first right moment.

"Do not think twice"

PRODUCER: Marc Birbilla

Dramedy about the six New York comedians who have lost their stand-up club, but are not desperate to pursue a career in improvisation and comedy. An invitation to a small television show can end with the sudden opening of their group to the public, or it can embroil them to death, because where glory is born, ambition awakens. An accurate and smart movie about the sharpening of success and rivalry that ruins the idea of ​​teamwork and just friendship.

"Witch of love"

PRODUCER: Anna Biller

Camp about 60s California, witchcraft and sexual gluttony - An ironic movie by Anna Biller tells the story of a witch with the face of Lana Del Rey, who came to conquer and destroy men in a new American town. All the costumes, sets, script and characters were invented by Anna Biller, and scenes from romantic life resemble the rethought and silly Elia Kazan, Douglas Sirk, Kenneth Enger and Ken Russell at the same time: kitsch, which it should be.

"Women of the XX century"

PRODUCER: Mike mills

Three women of different generations living close to each other in the late 70s in California: the mother of the protagonist, his older neighbor and the same age, with whom he is unrequitedly in love. An atmospheric movie about the lack of life scenarios of those women who are used to staying in the background is told through the roles of Annette Bening, Greta Gerwig and El Fanning.

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