Wild berries, chocolate omul and datsan amulet: What souvenirs to bring from Baikal

Baikal, which has long become a tourist mecca, is first of all driven for impressions: wildlife, shamanistic rites, energy, delicious food and some extreme sports. Souvenirs are an easy way to keep emotions for a long time. Life around gathered a guide to souvenirs and gifts so as not to get lost among meaningless trinkets, but to bring a souvenir that will delight, be remembered and convey the atmosphere of the Baikal region.


Nonna Manyan

Wild Siberian Berry Puree

How many: 100 rubles

where can I buy: Irkutsk, st. Sovetskaya, 25; st. Lermontov, 90/1; Gagarin Boulevard, 74, etc.

When it comes to souvenirs from Siberia, the first things that come to mind are the gifts of the forest: jam from pine cones, honey, medicinal plants, jams with nuts, and herbal teas. This is something that no tourist can return from a trip without. But another gem among gastronomic souvenirs will be wild berry puree from the Wild Siberia manufactory. Did not try? Then it's time to find and taste the chilled pasta from lingonberries, blueberries and blueberries.

According to the creators, analogues of the product do not exist. The valuable natural properties of Siberian berries are preserved without the use of chemical additives, sugar, with minimal heat treatment.

Chocolate omul

How many: 790 rubles

where can I buy: Irkutsk, st. Lenin, 40

If you left Baikal without tasting the local fish - omul or peled - consider that you were not on this lake. It is eaten not only locally, but also taken as the main souvenir. However, not everyone will like such a package, moreover, transportation difficulties may arise. A non-trivial alternative is chocolate omul, surprisingly realistic made in the Rubiscookies sweet architecture bureau.

The set also includes a chocolate cone with real fried pine nuts, bread with garlic and a Baikal figurine.

Baikal ceramics

How many: from 300 rubles

where can I buy: Irkutsk, 44 Gagarina Boulevard (souvenir shop), ul. Karl Marx, 37 (coffee shop "White Crow"), pos. Listvyanka, st. Gorky, 63

Baikal inspires many local craftsmen, and thanks to such a creative union, wonderful souvenirs made of wood, ceramics and other natural materials are born. For example, in the Tavolga workshop, Baikal images are created using a four-potter’s potter’s wheel and fired using the “raku” technique. at a temperature of about 1000 degrees. Bright plates, painted spoons, mugs, figures of shamans, steppe beauties, cute bears and seals are filled with ethnic and natural colors.

Wool notepads

How many: from 800 rubles

where can I buy: online

Diaries and notebooks with images on the theme of Lake Baikal filled the shelves of bookstores and souvenir shops. But have you seen wool sketchbooks? Such unusual variations of a familiar object are created by the workshop “Baikal Heat”. The author, who simply appears to be Lena, focuses on ethnic motifs and natural materials. Covers are felted of wool with the addition of fibers of silk, linen and bamboo.


How many: from 250 to 350 rubles

where can I buy: Irkutsk, st. Karl Marx, 40; st. Timiryazev, 27; st. Gavrilova, 1A, etc.

The legends of Lake Baikal in a simple and understandable presentation for children and adults - comics - were invented and implemented by Irkutsk designer Dmitry Miromanov (Life around wrote about him). The publications attract the attention of not only tourists, but also native Irkutsk citizens who want to show their loved ones the richness of the history of their native land. And the first in the Babrbuk project was an unusual quest guide in Irkutsk and Baikal, which tells about must-visit places for inspiration. Any edition of this series will take its rightful place on the bookshelf and will definitely not gather dust: pages are made so that they can be colored!

Author's toys-nerpa

How many: 550-600 rubles

where can I buy: Irkutsk, st. Sverdlova, 36; Karl Marx St., 37; st. July 3, 3, etc.

“If you go to Lake Baikal - that means HE calls you,” say the creators of the project. According to legend, if you meet the Baikal seal (which is found only here) on the lake, then you will certainly expect success in all areas, especially in love. from, "Nerpiki" - funny characters, handmade toys by the author. According to the creators, they are ready to settle with their owner in a car or in a backpack and travel with him around the world.

Silver jewelry with Baikal

How many: from 1500 rubles

where can I buy: Irkutsk, shopping center "Passage", 247

Fine products with authentic engravings can be found in the Maegi boutique. Silver Baikal rings will become a souvenir, a gift, and a reminder of a wonderful vacation.

Genuine leather key holder

How many: 490 rubles

where can I buy: Irkutsk, st. Uritsky, 4

A simple but extremely useful item is a housekeeper decorated with ethnic patterns. An original accessory from the master Tatyana Volodchenko can be found in the shop “Your Regiment” in the very center of the city.

Charoite Jewelry

How many: from 300 rubles

where can I buy: Irkutsk, st. Sedova, 20A

Charoite is a unique gem, first discovered in the 20th century. It is found only in Russia, in our area it is mined on the border of the Irkutsk region with the Republic of Sakha, and, according to experts, the deposits are almost depleted.

The violet-blue stone is unique in its natural patterns: in the section you can see stars, cirrus clouds, jets of a mountain river. Jewelers and private collectors from around the world are hunting for charoite. In Irkutsk, it can be seen in many souvenir shops, product prices can reach tens of thousands of rubles.

Photo with a seal

How many: 150 rubles + admission to nerpinary 500 rubles for adults and 400 rubles for children

where can I buy: pos. Listvyanka, st. Gorky, 101a, Irkutsk, 2nd Railway, 66

In the Irkutsk nerpinaria you can see the most tender inhabitants of Lake Baikal at arm's length, as well as take pictures with them and feed them with fish. Nerpa is a very shy and cautious animal, but curiosity almost always prevails, and they are no longer afraid of people.

Seals in captivity are very carefully looked after, every week animals are examined by a veterinarian for the purposes of prevention, and the pool uses modern water purification and cooling systems. In such conditions, they feel comfortable.

Nerp is not caught specifically for training, all animals get here under dramatic circumstances: fishermen bring the squirrels left without a mother on ice and doomed to death to the seals. Here, those who are saved are sealed, fed with milk, treated, grown and trained. So, taking pictures with them, you can not reproach yourself for encouraging animal abuse, as is the case with the inhabitants of the zoo or circus.

Charm from datsan

How many: from 150 rubles

where can I buy: Irkutsk, st. Barricade, 56B

Irkutsk datsan is a Buddhist temple complex, which is visited not only by local residents, but also tourists of different faiths. Here astrologers and doctors are receiving. You can get an appointment with the llama, he receives guests from 10:30. He can receive recommendations regarding personal life, health and work. Also, the llama can be asked to conduct a ritual for well-being.

The temple complex has a souvenir shop selling Buddhist paraphernalia - smoking sticks, talismans, charms and Buddha figurines. It is better to present such presents to especially dear people, because each such souvenir has a sacred meaning.

Photos: Cover - Ekaterina Kosacheva, 1 - Nonna Manyan

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