Communal Festival, photographs by Ismo Höltö, Call Girl

Where to go

Ismo Höltö

When: April 15 - June 12

Where: "Rosfoto" (Bolshaya Morskaya street, 35)

Cost: 150 rubles

The best works of the Finnish photographer Ismo Höltö, who took portraits of urban and rural residents in the 1960s. Then, changes began in Finland: the number of jobs in the villages decreased, people began to move to cities, some went to Sweden. The Hölö photos captured the moods and faces of the people of that time. After that decade, the photographer no longer took portraits.

A place to bury strangers

The most famous modern band that plays shugeyz. For eight years and four large albums, she practically did not change anything: white noise, hopeless sadness, a wall of guitars, a powerful rhythm section.

When: April 15, 20:00

Where: Zoccolo 2.0 (Ligovsky Prospect, 50/3)

Cost: 1 200 rubles

Bohren & der club of gore

The best things of the Germans who play slow, viscous and dark jazz, recorded as if specially for a horror film in the noir style. At the time of publication of the note, tickets for both the Moscow and St. Petersburg performances were running out (there were less than 50 left for the last).

When: April 15, 21:00

Where: "Waiting room" (embankment of the Obvodny canal, 118)

Cost:from 1 800 rubles

Elements Weekend

The conceptual two-day rave of the Roots United label in the old gas tank. The first day will be minimalist design, Dutch and German techno Delta Funktionen, Alex.Do and Milton Bradley, the second - the light show of the Moscow studio Eon Flax (she arranged similar to the Present Perfect and Result / Art festivals) and modern European electronic music Aardvarck, DJ TLR from Holland and Courtesy from Denmark.

About how in St. Petersburg raves are carried out in industrial buildings, read our large material.

When: April 15-16

Where: gas tank (74 Obvodny Canal embankment)

Cost: from 800 rubles

"Cosmonautics Days": Pavel Klushantsev's cinema

The Session magazine will show three films by the Soviet cameraman, director and film innovator Pavel Klushantsev, who combined science fiction and documentary films. Klushantsev first spoke about the achievements of 1960s science and Tsiolkovsky’s theory, and then showed a fantastic story about travels to the moon and other planets. In “Homeland” there will be three of his films: “The Road to the Stars”, which showed a flight into space four years before the flight of Yuri Gagarin, “Planet of the Storms” - about dinosaurs on Venus and “The Moon” - about how people will master satellite in the future. Bonus - American film Al Reinert, mounted from the records of the Apollo astronauts.

When: April 15-17

Where: cinema "Rodina" (Karavannaya street, 12)

Cost:200 rubles

Suzdal animation festival

A show of the works of the best Russian artists, animators and modelers from the last Suzdal animation festival. A variety of projects will show: computer graphics, and classic animation, and animation. Participants will work in blocks, one per day. In each - 8-13 projects.

When: April 15-17

Where: cinema "Rodina" (Karavannaya street, 12)

Cost: 250 rubles

Skoro german dance

The third issue of the Skorokhod series of national dance performances was dedicated to a German school. During the evening, only one representative will be shown - choreographer Mauru Morales. She will demonstrate her own dance performance about the everyday life of a woman whose "voice has dissolved into loneliness and monotony."

When: April 15, 22:00

Where: "Skorohod" (Moscow Avenue, 107/5)

Cost: 500-600 rubles


For the last three concerts of Miron Fedorov - in YotaSpace, Glavclub and Stadium Live (it will be played two days after St. Petersburg) - all tickets were sold. In "A2 Green Concert", at the time of writing, the tickets still remained, but only in VIP for 6 thousand rubles.

And here read the story of Oksimiron about the yards of Ligovsky Prospekt, battle rap and spring concerts.

When: April 15th

Where: A2 Green Concert (3 Medikov Avenue)

Cost:from 6 000 rubles


The first 13 thousand tickets for the concert "Leningrad" in "Sibur-Arena" were sold back in November last year. Despite the fact that the group will play for two days in a row, before the concert, tickets remained only in VIP-boxes. How the program of the first and second days will differ is not explained. These are probably just two big spring shows.

When: April 15 and 16, 20:00

Where: Sibur-Arena (Football Alley, 8)

Cost: from 5 000 rubles

Gutenberg's Smoking Room

Three short lectures to be delivered in an hour. Yevgeny Putin, ITMO University graduate student, will talk about the present and future of neural networks, Pulkovskaya observatory researcher Elena Popova will talk about planetary systems outside the Solar, and Almar Kuliev, a member of the cognitive psychologists research group, about how to simply fool our feelings and impressions.

When: April 16, 17:00

Where: ITMO University (Kronverksky Avenue, 49)

Cost: free upon registration


Petersburg festival of short and minimalist films. On the weekend there will be a program of documentary and very short works: the longest film is 21 minutes, most - 7-10 minutes. The program included 15 films, including Russian ones: about male objectification, the north of Russia, pensioners who do morning exercises in a shopping center, a grocery store that has become the center of life for a village in the Russian outback, shoeshine cleaner, as well as a portrait of a St. Petersburg skater shot by a Frenchman, VHS - Record of the 1988 American Fair and other works.

When: April 16-17, 19:30

Where: "Photography" (Ligovsky Prospect, 25)

Cost: 200 rubles

Retrospective Francois Truffaut

Director Francois Truffaut was at the forefront of a new wave in French cinema and received an Oscar for American Night. Retrospective will go until the end of May; this weekend they will show one film - "Tender skin" of 1964, a tragic story about how a man leaves his family for a fleeting love.

When: April 16 - May 28

Where: cinema "Rodina" (Karavannaya street, 12)

Cost:250 rubles

What to watch

Call Girl

The girlfriend experience


A television remake of the movie of the same name by Stephen Soderberg, released on the strange Starz channel, which raises many doubts. In the original source, recall, Sasha Gray played a smart person providing escort services, and here her role is played by Riley Kio, the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, who appeared in the Super Mike with a mini-pig. In addition, the Russian audience should be aware of the fact that all episodes are uploaded online at once, although they will be shown on American television once a week.

"Fear the Walking Dead"

Fear the Walking Dead,AMC

The more measured (though much more measured) spin-off of the zombie masterpiece The Walking Dead gave last year the best first season of all cable TV shows. And this is surprising, because in “Fear” there is nothing fundamentally new, except for the new dead and heroes, who this season will fight the evil spirits between heaven and sea. Nevertheless, it’s worth watching the TV show at least for the answers to the questions: “Will such high ratings remain?” and "Will the series get anything at all in the award season?"

"Horace and Pete"

Horace and pete, look

Louis Si Kay, one of the main comedians of the moment, six years ago wrote, directed, produced (and played a major role in it) the series Louie - a tragicomedy that freely interprets the events of his life. The experiment with a non-linear plot and completely independent production was warmly received by critics, but by the end of the fifth season the series was watched by less people than the explosion of a watermelon on Buzzfeed Facebook.

“Horace and Pete” goes even further - Louis X Kay kept the project a secret, made it with his own money and distributes it only through his website. In fact, this is a television show, the quiet history of the Brooklyn bar and family, which has been containing it for one hundred years. And although this series can be funny, most often it leaves a depressing impression - the future is merciless to all heroes, it is difficult to get along with it, and not everyone succeeds. Horace and Pete still pour only pure (albeit half diluted) alcohol, but the public is already going there like to a zoo; Trump and gentrification take up as much space here as portraits of owners on the walls. This is an exact statement, on the verge of ruthless, about modern life, which can be difficult to watch, but, no doubt, necessary.

Aziz Ansari and Eric Verheim - "Famous"

Continuing the tradition of Seth Rogen and James Franco, comedians Aziz Ansari and Eric Verheim shot a parody clip for Kanye West's "Famous" from "Life Of Pablo". Events in it unfold in Italy, where the second season of the series Ansari and Verheim Master of None, perhaps the best sitcom of last year about the life of 30-year-old scammers in New York, is now filming. Aziz and Eric walk imposingly around Rome, eat pasta, prosciutto, pasta and pasta again and generally enjoy life - just as it should be done to persons of Kanye scale.

Course "Big Transit: Logics of the Political History of Russia, 1985-1999"


Following the author’s course on Yuri Saprykin on post-Soviet culture, the Open University project launches a course on the political system of a transformed state. The author is one of the leading Russian political scientists, the former deputy chief editor of Kommersant and the creator of Polit.ru, Kirill Rogov. The first lesson characterizes the 90s as a historical era and is accompanied by texts by Daniel Traisman and Dmitry Furman, as well as, say, a protest playlist from Yuri Saprykin and Oleg Kashin.

What to listen

PJ Harvey - "The Hope Six Demolition Project"

Polly Jean Harvey’s ninth record was partially recorded in the London Sommerset House gallery right in front of the audience and documented the artist’s impressions of the problems that are topical for hundreds and thousands of people - from the demolition of dilapidated social housing in Washington and the pollution of rivers to living conditions in war zones. An unusually mature, multi-layered album, which is all the more important to listen to on the eve of the June performance of PJ Harvey in Moscow.

Andro - Surprise Me

An interesting solo performance by the 15-year-old artist of the label Kruzheva - that is responsible for the band Quest Pistols in both of its incarnations. Andro used to be known only as a performer of the chorus in the same Quest Pistols song “Santa Lucia”, but now he has released the languid debut thing “Surprise Me”, which once reveals the youth’s idols (“Two music artists that I follow - Drake and The Weekend, "Andro says on the Lace website.) The video for the song tells about the dreams of a teenager from a large Roma family about a young teacher.

Tim Hecker - "Love Streams"

Canadian Tim Hecker loves rapper Bones, funny cat videos and a drink - in a word, no different from many people on the Internet. On the other hand, Hecker worked as a political analyst, urges listeners to look for “Chinese footprint” in his new album, and Abu Ghraib devoted his last album to surveillance. All this, as well as his jokes about the "post-Yeezus" album, the name borrowed from Cassavetes and the references to Steve Reich in the name of the tracks should not worry not only a trained listener, but also an accidental one - Hecker complicates his simple music as much as he can . Working with the choir, he dissects it, puts it into pieces, changes it - and as a result receives the current music, which stops on the album only once. At first, "Love Streams" may seem ugly, awkward, complicated - but you just have to try to listen carefully to it and everything will be rewarded: you need to look for more beautiful albums this year.

Onuka - "Vidlik"

The face of Ukrainian female pop music Natasha Zhizhchenko, aka Onuka, has released a video for the title track from the mini-album "Vidlik". Onuka’s songs, in principle, work best together with the visuals - any concert performance confirms this - and the multi-color video for the aggressive “Vidlik” only strengthens her reputation as the most spectacular young artist of her country.

What to read

Dennis Lihan"Gone World"

SPb .: "ABC-Atticus"


The Gone World is the final part of Dennis Lihein’s trilogy about the family of Boston policeman Thomas Coglin and the life of his two sons, Danny and Joe, during Prohibition. This time in the center of the novel is the youngest son, Joe, a former leader of a criminal syndicate who, having survived until the 1940s, brings up his daughter and tries to figure out his own past. This is a very masculine prose, not in the sense that without sentiment (just very much with), but about whether it is possible in this world to be a good guy, and whether it is necessary, and what it means at all.

Robert Darnton "Poetry and the Police: Communications Network in Paris of the 18th Century"

M .: "New literary review"


The book of a professor at Harvard University is not only a fascinating detective story in which the author, following the Paris police of the 18th century, tries to unravel the case of seditious verses against Louis XV. But this is also an attempt to understand how the communication of the past was arranged, and to imagine social networks 300 years ago, when it would seem that there were no social networks yet.

Joint project of Arzamas and the Pushkin Museum


Assemble Sano di Pietro from the pieces of the Beheading of the Head of John the Baptist puzzle, vote for the journey of the ancient Greek figurine from the storerooms to the exposition, and, most importantly, read the detailed analysis of Feit's Female Portrait, Picasso's Girl on the Ball and Matisse's Artist's Studio this proposes to make Arzamas in his new joint project with the Pushkin Museum, sorting through the main works of his collection.

What to play

Dark souls III

PLATFORM: Windows PlayStation 4


Every game in Dark Souls is a personal challenge. A huge, scary, dying world with crazy medieval architecture that you have to explore without clues. Endless technical battles, in any of which the hero can die, and bosses, as if they came from a nightmare. All this is multiplied by ten: each section will have to go through again and again. Playing Dark Souls is difficult, but after winning you become a real hero. In the third part, From Software combined the first Dark Souls and last year's Bloodborne. The game has become faster, more aggressive and still does not forgive your carelessness. This is the latest project by game designer Hidetaki Miyazaki, the new head of From Software. For the next game, the studio is going to change the course of the series, and no one knows which way it will do it.


PLATFORM: Windows Mac


A short meditative point-and-click quest designed by the young French studio Ynnis Interactive. The heroine, the ghost of a girl who died at the beginning of the 20th century, is studying the rooms of a Victorian manor and trying to understand what happened to her family and why she ended up in 1941. The game has simple mechanics: you need to study static backgrounds, look for active elements and solve puzzles. The rest of the work is done by the gothic atmosphere and music of the Norwegian musician Sombering Sail.

TEXT: Nastya Kurgan, Katerina Firsova, Ilya Inozemtsev, Rita Popova, Artyom Makarsky, Lisa Birger, Nikolai Udintsev

Photos: 1 - Rosfoto, 2 - Starz, 3 - PJ Harvey, 5 - Dark Souls

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