How people carry constant business trips

Anton Shingarev

Director of Relations with International Government Agencies
Kaspersky Labs

Since the beginning of the year, I have made 81 flights, about one flight in four days, almost two weeks in the air (when you publish, there will be more!). I travel with a huge plastic suitcase, half of which I do not make out between trips. In general, life on wheels is far from as fascinating as it seems. The hardest part is keeping in touch with family and friends. Different time zones, rhythms, graphics distort communication, contact is lost. In addition, an overdose of impressions, cities, countries and beauties comes pretty quickly. Now it’s difficult to separate vacation from work, because in both cases it means a suitcase and a road.

Life hacks of an experienced traveler: charge all mobile devices as soon as possible, send the room number to yourself by SMS, passport, wallet, business cards always put in the same places. The ultra-compact down jacket and the technologically advanced windbreaker are our everything.

In Beijing, order an airport transfer in advance. Taxis do not accept VISA in Singapore. In Sao Paulo, get mentally prepared for a three-hour trip from the airport. In the USA, do not plan transplants, but if it doesn’t work, just not JFK. Write down addresses with your favorite cafes, spots and simply beautiful places - in the future it will come in handy. Always have an ID with you: the urge to drink can be sudden and unbridled. And be sure to send postcards home and family from each city - a trifle, but insanely nice!

Attributes of an experienced traveler: a compact first-aid kit for all occasions, a handbag with hygiene items and a set of toothbrushes from the hotel. It is better to take things that are not wrinkled and do not deteriorate from hotel washing (here should be an advertisement for JCrew costumes: completely indestructible). Over the years, there is a habit of saving on every gram of weight and working anywhere in every free minute, as well as hatred for heavy gifts from colleagues and partners.

I don’t have time for a jet lag; in the worst case, a massage and a pool help me. I think long flights are the coolest, you can sleep, read, watch a movie and do not need to run anywhere.

Traveling is crazy adrenaline and drugs. Sit down quickly. After a couple of weeks in Moscow, I begin to get bored and look at the schedule of future trips. With impatience and fear, I think how much more will be enough for me and when it will stop.

Dmitry Danilenko

QIWI Group International Business Development Director

You have to fly very often, and you do not always have time to return to Moscow between business trips. Therefore, I take only the most necessary - everything should fit in hand luggage with a calculation for both heat and cold. It is absolutely normal when you take a hat and mittens to California, because in two days the partners on another continent will take a walk in the mountains for informal communication (the Chinese are especially keen on this). Swimming trunks always lie right there, because a couple of hours in the pool will help to cope with any jetlag.

I get rid of bags under my eyes after long flights and sleepless nights with the help of good cosmetics - in a few years I’ve figured out moisturizers better than sellers in duty free for several years on the go. Electronics need quite a bit - a laptop and a phone - but without a set of adapters to different outlets, you are at great risk. If you have to travel a lot, you should pay attention to the loyalty programs of airlines and hotels - there is a good chance to get a room more spacious or move to a business class.

Timur Alyautdinov

Beeline Convergence Business Development Director

The number of things I take with me depends on the length of the trip. If for a couple of days, then only the most necessary things are a razor set, replaceable underwear, shirts (one for each day) and a suit (if there are official meetings). If the trip lasts three or more days, then jeans and t-shirts are added to this set (one per day) in order to "take off office dust" in the evening.

Only the willpower helps to cope with the jetlag. After a long flight, you must definitely get to the hotel and at least take two to three hours to rest, especially if the meeting is important and complex negotiations are planned: it is important not to fall asleep on them. Then you can take a shower, shave, get your polished shoes, ironed suit and shirt. It’s hard to fall asleep at night when it's day in Moscow. There are, of course, pills, but I try to do without them. Audio books help - I turn off the brain and listen until my eyes close. It is important to disconnect the phone! SMS and calls will wake you up, and since the dream is very thin, you will not fall asleep later. I write to all my relatives and friends that I turn off the phone before such an hour.

The city in which I am on a business trip, I usually do not have time to see, unless I add a weekend to the inspection. But if I liked the city at least from a taxi window, I plan to return.

Irina Bakhtina

Vice President, Sustainable Business and Corporate Relations, Unilever Russia

On any trip - even to the hottest countries (in the Middle East) - I always take a pair of warm socks with me. In hotels, air conditioners, at night in a room frozen out for a day, a tooth does not fall by a tooth, often air conditioners keep cool centrally. Not to mention Europe, where the standard of room temperature, supported by central heating in the autumn-winter season, is not higher than 18 degrees and through all windows. In addition, I always take sneakers and a sports uniform for the gym.

In no case should you fight with jetlag with the help of coffee. Freshly squeezed mango juice for breakfast - and the body replenishes the lost energy reserves, receives a powerful dose of vitamins A, C, D and group B, as well as plant fiber - all to help the immune system. In Egypt, I was taught to make the right freshly squeezed mango juice - there the mangoes are pretty scary (without GMOs, so they look unattractive to the European consumer). The Egyptians simply chop the mangoes into pieces (along with shaggy skin) and put them in the freezer. When you defrost them, the melting ice breaks the juicy pulp, making it a pulp of fiber - a real juice without any juicer.

You can look good if there is no food on board and from the minibar in the room, ideally it is best to do without alcohol at all, more water and any brewed tea.

I have time to see the city exclusively from the taxi window on the way from the airport and back or on the way to dinner with local colleagues - it’s good if they arrange it in some authentic place in the old city. It is then possible to go on foot and breathe the air of ancient streets.

Watch the video: 10 Minimalist Packing Tips For Your Next Trip & How To Pack Better For Travel (December 2019).

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