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What make-up artists live for

Life around continues to tell how the budget of people of different professions works. In the new issue - makeup artist. The salary of a makeup artist depends on his portfolio, the number of clients and the direction in which he works. Someone chooses beauty salons, other makeup artists work only at weddings, others hold master classes or personal lessons, work at shows, filming, and television projects. The cost of makeup in the style of nude is an average of 2-5 thousand rubles, and you can get an individual consultation-analysis of cosmetics bags for 5-10 thousand. We found out from a girl who seven years ago gave up her career in IT for the make-up, how much she earns and what she spends money on.



Average income

100 000 rubles

Spending for the whole family

9 000 rubles

communal payments

4 000 rubles

auto content

40 000 rubles

the products

15 000 rubles


40 000 rubles

private kindergarten, tutors and mugs for children

4 000 rubles


12 000 rubles


2 000 rubles

dog keeping

How to become a makeup artist

I graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University. After college, I had a good career: I worked in the distribution of computer components. Neither I nor my family considered make-up as a possible profession, but I always liked to do makeup and color others. When I was on maternity leave, I decided to take a personal lesson from a makeup artist. I was impressed by how difficult this science is, and a trip to the USA, where the industry is most developed, helped to finally decide on the choice of occupation.

From the very beginning, my husband supported me. Mom and many relatives decided that I was leaving my good position to do "strange things." After all, the first time you have to invest a lot, they do not take you seriously. But my husband is a golden man. He knows what a highlighter is, and when I want to buy a millionth can on a trip, he says: “Of course, buy!” Sometimes he watches RBC TV and remarks: "Look how poorly made up." The husbands of make-up artists have no choice: they begin to understand make-up.

I always approached everything thoroughly, that's why I chose the school of makeup with long training and practice. The training cost 100 thousand rubles. In the process, I did pretty well, but I had to work hard for free. The blog helped in attracting customers: there I talked about how I study and laid out my work. Then Instagram was just gaining momentum, I started an account and began to collect portfolio.

Several times I went to study in New York. A trip there will be very handy if you want to master the coolest techniques, peek chips and work with interesting brands of cosmetics. Even now, after seven years of work, I constantly study: I ​​read, watch, go to master classes. Our profession does not allow stagnation: you brake - and you lag behind the engine.

Carier start

The first year I earned no more than 20-25 thousand rubles a month. Orders brought the announcement of my friend, who leads a fairly popular blog. Over time, my Instagram account also became popular. How much a large percentage of the audience goes through social networks, I realized when I was in the hospital. Then I wrote that I was temporarily not working - and for some period no one called me. Of course, customer recommendations are equally important. If you beautifully dressed up the bride, she will tell her married friend about it.

I got to my first television projects thanks to contacts from New York. The producer liked my responsibility, and he began to invite me to the following projects. Now I myself am recruiting makeup artists. I do not take part in photo shoots and commercial shootings very often, but I know make-up artists who almost always work together with a photographer. There are also shows and fashion weeks, but this is more for the portfolio, but does not bring money.

After school of makeup, it’s best to go to work as a corner of some good cosmetic brand - Mac, Bobbi Brown, Nars. Then immediately there is access to a huge amount of cosmetics, a stably large flow of people. You can test different means, train on people with different appearance, skin type and wishes. So the hand is stuffed in a few months. You can make up a customer in a store, then he will ask for your contact and become the first customer. Another opportunity to start a career is to write to the photographer, and if he likes, work on the set together. You can still go as an assistant to an experienced makeup artist, and after a while he will begin to share orders.

Features of work

Make-up artist's day can be superloaded if the shooting starts at seven in the morning and ends at three in the morning. Or when at 06:00 - the first bride, at 09:30 - the second, and in the evening still private clients. Or prepare 20 people for corporate events from 10:00 to 17:00, and then conduct a personal lesson.

Makeup artist is the person with whom the wedding or shooting begins. If he is late, everything else will move. You can’t be late, because I always play it safe and leave my country house in two hours.

I had a case when the show was arranged on a ship, and it sailed at nine in the morning. On the eve of me rotavirus crashed - I could not move away from the toilet, not to mention getting to the ship. I had to urgently look for one of my colleagues. This is your area of ​​responsibility: if something happened to you, you need to find a specialist no worse, otherwise word of mouth will quickly change the tone. Then my girlfriend fell off and went instead of me.

When I just started, I thought that working as a freelancer would allow me to keep up with everything. But now it often happens like this: “Oh, what a good fee,” “Oh, beloved regular customer,” “Oh, what an interesting project.” As a result, I work five days for 12-14 hours, I arrive at the end of the week and I hear: "Mom, we forgot how you look."

Niche Selection

Makeup artists can choose for themselves the direction of work: wedding makeup, TV project, commercial shooting and so on. Some, for example, position themselves solely as makeup artists for brides or work mainly at retreats abroad. This kind of work is not for me: I have two young children, but a couple of times I was at weddings. Of course, they are paid better, the cost includes flights, accommodation and meals. In two days you can get at least 30 thousand rubles.

Another part of my work is personal training. I give my students basic knowledge on makeup. A girl comes with her makeup bag, we take it apart: we understand what suits, what does not fit, and what needs to be bought. I try to make the girl leave not only with an understanding of how to properly tone, what is the base for makeup and how to paint her lips. I want that when a consultant comes up to her in a store and says: “Oh, you don’t have a primer? Take it urgently,” she replied: “Calm! I have a moisturizer.” I try to adapt to the students. If a client comes with a makeup bag of the same size as mine, then we can manage to work out the arrows, smokey, red lipstick and a bunch of other things. But 80% of clients in a cosmetic bag only have mascara and an inappropriate tonic. It happens that make-up artists themselves also “pumped up” - a colleague from Finland recently arrived.

Of course, there is competition in our sphere, but stories are different. For example, if I can’t come to a regular customer and instead send myself a colleague, who in the end likes the customer more, then what's the point of being offended? Competition makes it difficult for customers to choose. Now a bunch of tools - from Facetune to a ring lamp - allow you to change the end result. Sometimes the work in the photo looks just magical, but live differs significantly. But be that as it may, makeup artists should not publicly pour negative on each other. In this sense, we need to take an example from the American community, where everyone praises the work of colleagues. With us, very rarely, a top makeup artist will approach another and mark work. Although personally I have a lot of make-up artist friends: we help each other out, share new products, and sometimes customers.


Freelance is not always a convenient schedule. This is a frankly heavy make-up suitcase that you carry around. It’s good that I have a car, those who don’t, pour cosmetics into small jars so that it is not so hard. But here you need to understand that the client pays not only for the final result, but also for the surroundings. You need to paint with Tom Ford lipstick, and not with a brush from a plastic container.

Sometimes make-up artists think of themselves as artists and condescend to clients. I try to remember that I work in the service sector. At first, when you only develop a name and a base, people can come across all sorts. Today, all my clients go to make-ups that they see on my social networks and do not ask for "to make an extravaganza," which I will not do.

Experience comes with the first jambs. Often a person unlearned, found a win-win combination, he is very confident in himself, takes out his favorite shadows - and bang, on a particular person it no longer looks beautiful. The young makeup artist is lost, begins to urgently think how to fix it. An experienced makeup artist always always analyzes first.

Communication with customers

You need to be able to competently communicate with the client so that he does not see frightened eyes and shaking hands. The better the makeup artist can speak, the easier it is for him to work. It is important not only to paint, but also to tell what you are doing, although if the client does not want to communicate, it is important to shut up on time.

The bride in general, the best day in her life begins with me. I can’t allow her to remember how an aunt with a dirty head and out of sorts came to her. By the way, in the beauty industry everyone is judged by clothing. You can’t look like an accountant. And one more rule: all cosmetics must be perfectly clean.

There will certainly be those who do not like how they were painted. It is important to remember that makeup is still a subjective thing. Suppose you couldn’t feel the client to the end, but this is not a reason to proceed to the showdown. Makeup can always be fixed - this is not tattooing or hair coloring.

I had a funny case when I painted the designer: she was under the substances and perceived colors distorted. Therefore, when I took the golden shadows, she said: "Purple does not suit me." There were actresses with a hangover, but it was all easier. When working with stars, it is important to remember that these are people who have little time, and during makeup they need to have time to do another hundred things. Therefore, the task of the makeup artist is to contrive, but to crawl and gently make up while a person is doing his job. Once my client fell asleep, I put a pillow under her head and completed her makeup.


When I was a product manager, one of my tasks was price monitoring. If I monitored makeup prices in Moscow, I would have to sweat. There is makeup for both 3 thousand and 20 thousand. There is Gohar Avetisyan for 40 thousand rubles. But Elena Krygina is no longer a make-up artist, she is an entrepreneur and a locomotive who made a great contribution to the popularization of the profession.

Today, the cost of my services is slightly higher than the average in Moscow. Makeup with a visit costs from 5 to 7 thousand rubles, depending on the day of the week. If you need to do more styling - from 8 to 10 thousand rubles.

For a shooting day on TV, my usual rate is 15 thousand rubles. If any projects are very interesting to me, I can make a discount. Personal lesson costs 10 thousand rubles. If I give a master class, then my fee varies from 15 to 25 thousand rubles, depending on the number of participants. I used to make eyebrows, but now I have a studio where the girls work, whom I taught everything. Eyebrow correction and coloring is a very good skill for a makeup artist. If there is no work, then you can make eyebrows and earn a normal amount per day.

The average income of a makeup artist in Moscow is 100 thousand rubles. Wedding makeup artists can earn up to 300 thousand a month in high season. My income is quite stable and equal to the average for the market, but sometimes I work less than I could, because I try to devote time to children.


We live in the suburbs, in a three-room apartment. We pay 9-10 thousand rubles a month for utilities. We buy food at Your Home, sometimes some tasty things in the ABC, something at the Danilovsky market, but at the same time there is a Pyaterochka in our house, which we also go into. A family of four takes 40 thousand rubles.

A private kindergarten costs 20 thousand rubles a month. Tutor in Russian, mathematics and English, as well as classes with a functional training trainer - about the same. There are also computer programming courses for an older child and equestrian sports for a younger child. Sometimes a nanny comes to us.

Entertainment is also mainly for children: some parks such as "Kidzania", museums, excursions, although they also like movies and restaurants. I think I spend at least 15 thousand rubles on this.

We do not have loans now, we even try to save, but not from my salary, but from my husband’s bonuses. My salary goes to current expenses and family needs.

I have no free time, and when the minute is given out, I sleep. Now the husband sponsors most of our holidays, but there was a period when the husband was left without work and I supported my family: although I worked a lot, we had enough.

Beauty nishtyaki I buy every month. I can spend both a thousand and 15 thousand - that’s how it will carry.

Watch the video: Professional Make Up Artist Gives Television Makeup Tips for Women (December 2019).

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