Annual Report: 10 Best H&F Stories

Activist capitalist:
4 stories about civil
business missions

Businessmen picked up the banner of the struggle for social change that fell out of the hands of rock musicians. We wrote an essay about people for whom real civic engagement is important, rather than a corporate subbotnik report.

High Security Valley:
Why startups choose authoritarian Belarus

A special report by Daria Cherkudinova about how a state with a dictator at the head became the prototype of a colony of global entrepreneurs.

Sergey Guriev:
What is more profitable - to be a manager or entrepreneur

One of the strongest Russian economists, now in political exile, says he will bring more money and pleasure - to build his own company or invest in growth to a highly paid manager?

Waiting for Steve Jobs: Who and when will explode the robotics market

40 years ago, it seemed that robots were about to appear in our homes. But the industry stalled and did not develop as fast as computing and the Internet. H&F figured out which of the businessmen will help inventors make a breakthrough.

Why VKontakte will no longer appear in Russia
and Yandex

Topical column of Look At Media founder Aleksey Ametov
about free internet has generated the most controversy among readers and has become the most popular on the site.

Principles of Pavel Durov, VKontakte

Our section started with the credo of a person with an innate sense of freedom. Durov is one of the role models of a new generation of entrepreneurs. He recently launched a new project - the Telegram mobile messenger.

On the needle: Where do Russian designers sew

H&F figured out the invisible statistics of Russia's semi-illegal light industry and found out why hundreds of thousands of people work for its benefit, but they still cannot do Russian H&M or Chanel.

This is the Internet, baby: Who makes money
on surveillance
for network users

Personal information of users and data on their movements on the Internet is a product that companies with different success try to trade about, few people know about. We explored this market.

How Tula Sloboda became the most successful city newspaper
in the country

An essay about Vera Kiryunina, who created a weekly in Tula, uncharacteristic of the Russian hinterland, which became the most successful regional publication in the country.

Ticket to Bali: Alexander Crow,
his service Flytourist
and war
for independence

A person deprived of some physical abilities compensates for the loss of other talents. But Crowe’s story is not about that, but about business as a struggle against nature-imposed circumstances.

Cover illustration: Natalya Osipova

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