Five festive sparkling wine cocktails

A series of New Year's parties begins this week: holidays at work, with friends and relatives. Therefore, Life around begins to publish a series of materials on how to diversify a festive home table. In the first issue, Delicatessen bartender Elizaveta Evdokimova talks about five options for replacing a glass of champagne.

Elizaveta Evdokimova

2013 bartender Delicatessen and Best Bartender of the World according to Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition

BORN IN 1987 IN MOSCOW. She graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering with a degree in medical systems engineer. She began working in the restaurant industry at the institute: in the second year she got a job as a waitress at Coffee House. After working for a year, she decided that "it is much more interesting to stand on the other side of the rack," and became a barista. By the end of the institute, I realized that "it is not interesting to work in the specialty, but to try myself further behind the bar, but with alcohol, it would be great."

At the Pir professional exhibition, aimed at owners of the restaurant and hotel business, she enrolled in Martini Barmen School courses, where she met with Slava Lankin (co-owner and chief bartender of Delicatessen restaurant and bar and Yunost cafe and bar), one of the most respected bars managers of Russia, which teaches young bartenders. So, since 2010, she began training with Lankin, working at Delicatessen. Two and a half years later, she became the champion of the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition, the first Russian to receive the title of "Best Bartender in the World", and with it the first girl ever to receive this award. Lisa is currently the ambassador of Bacardi and also works as a bartender in Delicatessen.

"Pink flamingo"

This cocktail is ideal for those who love the Cyrus Piano but want a little variety. In general, in this case, you can mix any jam that is in the house, but, in my opinion, it is pink jam that gives the feeling of a holiday. It is sold in supermarkets, as well as in grocery online stores.

"Kir Royal"

The predecessor of Cyrus Royale is the Cyrus cocktail (Creme de Cassis and white Burgundy wine), which was and remains traditional for the French. By the way, in the traditional “Cyrus”, French currant black liquor is easily replaced with blackberry or peach. You can do the same with the Royal.

Ingredientsfor one serving

"Cream de Cassis" -30 ml

A sparkling wine -120 ml

Ice -taste

Time for preparing - 3 minutes

Pour the ingredients into a chilled champagne glass and mix.

"Sagallato Negroni"

According to legend, “Sagallato Negroni” was mixed by mistake in the Basso bar in Milan. This is actually just a variation of the “Syringe”. There it is served in a huge glass, the volume of which exceeds one liter.

Ingredientsfor one serving

Sweet vermouth -50 ml

Campari -50 ml

A sparkling wine -80 ml

Orange slicefor decoration

Ice -about 200 g

Time for preparing - 3 minutes

Pour ice to the top in a chilled wine glass. Pour the ingredients in this order: campari, vermouth, sparkling. Mix lightly with a spoon and garnish with an orange slice.

"French 75"

The name of the cocktail comes from the name of the 75 caliber artillery, which was popular during the First World War. Initially, the cocktail was made with brandy. "French 75" was popular among the lost generation as well as during Prohibition. And, of course, the number of references to it in literature and cinema is very large.

Ingredientsfor one serving

Jin -30 ml

Freshly squeezed lemon juice -15 ml

Powdered sugar -2 teaspoons

A sparkling wine -80 ml

Lemon zestfor decoration

Ice -200 g

Time for preparing - 3 minutes

Shake gin, juice and powder in a shaker with ice. Strain into a chilled champagne glass. Top up with sparkling wine. Garnish with lemon zest.

"Pumpkin Bellini"

The cocktail, invented in the Venetian Harry's bar, is named after the famous artist Giovanni Bellini, because the color of the cocktail reminded its creator of the color of the saint's clothes in one of the artist's paintings. The classic version of the cocktail includes only peach puree and sparkling, but since the peach season is short, we at Delicatessen decided to make it following the example of the famous British bartender Tony Konigliaro - with pumpkin puree.

EXTRACTION FROM Muscat. Insist nutmeg on alcohol for a week. Strain.

PUMPKIN PUREE. Peel and chop the pumpkin into arbitrary pieces, mix with honey, add nutmeg and bake in the oven for an hour at a temperature of 200 degrees. Wipe through a sieve. Add sugar syrup to the mass and mix.

Pour pumpkin puree into a chilled glass, add sparkling. Sprinkle on top with a nutmeg extractor.

Ingredientsfor one serving

Pumpkin puree -40 ml

A sparkling wine -80 ml

Nutmeg Hood -2 ml


Alcohol - 100 ml

Nutmeg - 5 g


Pumpkin - 1 piece

Honey -1 tablespoon

Nutmeg -1 g

Sugar Syrup -300 ml

Time for preparing - 3 minutes * excluding cooking extracts from nutmeg and pumpkin puree

PHOTO: Alena Vinokurova

PRODUCER: Daria Malysheva

Watch the video: Spice up holiday parties with these sparkling wine cocktail recipes - New Day Northwest (December 2019).

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